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SGNIC announced the launch of Chinese Domain Names (CDNs).
  Newsletter : 13/01/2010
Dear Valued Customer,
On 3rd November 2009, SGNIC announced the launch of Chinese Domain Names (CDNs).

Registrations are subject to the "SGNIC Chinese Domain Names (CDNs) Launch Guidelines" which prescribes policies and procedures concerning applications during the various phases, priority claims, biddings and other general implementation details.

Applications during the first three phases will be on batch-processing for each phase while applications for the General Launch will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Please refer to the launch schedule below for more details.

*The registration fee is S$75 per year or S$140 for 2 years. Multiple application for same domain name will be subjected to bidding. Minimum and maximum no. of years of registration is 1 and 2 years respectively.

Launch scheduled
Start  date
End date
Priority Phase 1: Government Applications 23rd Nov 2009 09:00 (GMT+0800) 21st Dec 2009 09:00 (GMT+0800)
Priority Phase 2: Trademark Owners
  • Multiple application will be subject for bidding
  • TM holders need to be registered with the Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS). Service marks will not be eligible
7th Jan 2010 09:00 (GMT+0800) 10th Feb 2010 15:00 (GMT+0800)
Trademark Owners Applications Bidding 23rd Feb 2010 16th Mar 2010
Deadline for payment of bid deposits 02nd  Mar 2010 15:00 (GMT+0800) 02nd April 2010 15:00 (GMT+0800)
Deadline for payment of final amount
(Final Bid Price – Bid Deposit)
23rd Mar 2010 15:00
23rd Mar 2010 15:00
Phase 3: Sunrise
  • Multiple applications will be subject for bidding
  • All entities may apply but will be subject to a priority fee.
25th Mar 2010 09:00
04th May 2010 12 :00
Sunrise Bidding 11th May 2010 01st Jun 2010
Deadline for payment of bid deposits 18th May 2010 15:00
18th May 2010 15:00
Deadline for payment of final amount
(Final Bid Price – Bid Deposit)
08th Jun 2010 15:00
08th Jun 2010 15:00
General Launch
All entities may apply
10 Jun 2010 08 Jun 2010 15:00

Important Notice:
  • .sg - Applicable for all with a valid Singapore postal address. A foreign applicant may apply only with appoints a local agent having a valid Singapore postal address as the Administrative Contact.
  • .com.sg - Applicable for companies and businesses which must be a commercial entities registered or are about to be registered with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority. A foreign company may register only it has a representative in Singapore.
  • .net.sg - Applicable for network providers and info-com operators in Singapore possessing a valid license issued by the Info-Communications Development Authority, and/or data storage or hosting services providers, providers of dedicated connectivity services and operators of value added networks.
  • .org.sg - Applicable only for organizations which are either registered or are about to be registered with the Registry of Societies and other non-profit organization in Sinagpore.
  • edu.sg - Applicable for educational institutions registered with Ministry of Education at Singapore.
  • per.sg - Applicable only for Singapore citizen or permanent resident aged 18 years and above. Parents, guardians or immediate family member shall apply on behalf of an applicant who is below 18 years of age.
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